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Check out the NHL Live Streaming schedule and click on the team that  you want to watch!

Every team have it’s own feed, unless the game is broadcasted on a national TV channel like ESPN, Sportsnet, TSN or others.  The Montreal Canadiens stream is always french audio.

If a stream not working please write in the chat and also check the stream on the opponent’s page.


NHL Live Streams

In the past years it got harder to watch NHLon TV as the NHL subscription costs got higher and higher and not everyone afford it. A bit cheaper solution its to watch NHLLive streams on the NHL Game Center but still, you have to pay for it, however, we’re here to help you, we are searching the internet for the best NHL live streams and we’re adding them here so you can watch NHL online for free.

NHL Reddit Live Streams

Reddit its a common source for the NHL live streams, lot of people are searching for a reddit nhl live stream to watch NHL games online, our links can be also found in NHL Streams subreddit but the easiest way to find the upcoming NHL live streams its to search our NHL Live Streams page.

Free NHL HD Live Streams?

YES! You read it correctly, surprisingly but lately we are able to provide you a free hd NHL stream so you can watch your favourite team games in the best possible quality, however, sometimes the hd stream may not be avaialbe but we will replace with a good quality SD stream so you can watch NHL live streams every moment.

NHL Playoffs live streams

The NHL Regular season its getting close to the end and we’re excited about the NHL 2017 Playoffs wich will start on April 15 and will end the NHL Stanley Cup Finals on May 16 ( possible to move on May 14 or May 15 ). Last year the NHL Playoffs were super exciting and we’re sure this year will be same, that’s why we prepared to provide you NHL Playoffs live stream , even NHL HD Streams in some moments. So this year, lean back on your coach and prepare to watch the greatest NHL Playoffs game on a great hd stream.